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This will be dreamwidth's main community for the TV show Chuck. Right now I am working on:

a) a pretty layout
b) rules
c) other things, I guess?

But feel free to join in the meantime if you feel like it!

Interests (62):

adam baldwin, alex patsavas, anna wu, big mike, big mike banging morgan's mom, bonita friedericy, bryce larkin, captain awesome, casa bartowski, casey/ronald reagan, charles bartowski, chris fedak, chuck, chuck bartowski, chuck the tv show, computers, daddy bartowski, devon woodcomb, ellie bartowski, emmett milbarge, fake relationships, general beckman, guns, having drinks with condie, jaws chiseled by michelangelo himself, jill roberts, john casey, jordana brewster, josh schwartz, joshua gomez, julia ling, lester patel, mark christopher lawrence, morgan grimes, not living up to your potential, not olives, orion, parodying the o.c., rachel bilson, ronald reagan, ryan mcpartlin, ryan mcpartlin's rockin' bod, sarah lancaster, sarah walker, save chuck, scott bakula, scott krinsky, spies, steve bartowski, the buy morons, the cia, the intersect, the mysterious exit of cia director graham, the nerd herd, the nsa, things that are awesome, tony hale, trying to figure out sarah's real name, using bon iver for every chuck/sarah scene, vik sahay, yvonne strahovski, zachary levi
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